Club Rules

The Club

  1. The name of the Club is ‘Casino at The Corinthian’. Its address is 191 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DA..
  2. The Club is a private members club operated by Corinthian Clubs Limited (Company Number SC282420) (“the Company”).


  1. The objects of the Club are social, recreational and non-political.
  2. The Club exists to provide members and guests with gaming, eating and other facilities during such hours as the Company determines from time to time (and which shall not be greater than those permitted by law). The Club aims to provide and maintain premises of the highest quality and staff of the highest calibre for the comfort of members but accepts no liability for any temporary or permanent failure to provide any or all Club facilities.


  1. Any person aged 18 or over is eligible to be considered for membership.
  2. All applications for membership of the Club shall be made in writing on a form provided for that purpose by the Company. The Company may require ID documentation to be produced as part of the application process.
  3. By applying for membership, you confirm that:
    1. the details you have provided to us as part of the application process are correct and complete and you will promptly inform us of any future changes to such details;
    2. you will be bound by these Rules, including any variations of them;
    3. you have not self-excluded from gaming/gambling and are not subject to any other legal restriction on your ability to gamble;
    4. you have not held an account with us or any other gaming operator (whether online or in a club) which has been suspended or terminated due to your wrongdoing or suspected wrongdoing; and
    5. you will not use or allow any person to use your membership for any criminal offence or unlawful activity.
  4. Applications for membership are accepted solely at the discretion of the Company. The Company has the right to refuse any application for membership for any reason and without giving any explanation. A successful applicant shall be given notice of acceptance of his or her membership application.
  5. The Company may give benefits to some members that differ from those given to other members. This may include a reduction in or exemption from fees and subscriptions and will be at the sole discretion of the Company.
  6. Any member may resign his or her membership at any time by giving the Company written notice of resignation. Resigning members shall not be entitled to a return of any membership fee or subscription or any part thereof.
  7. The Company shall have the right to expel or terminate the membership of any member for any reason without giving any explanation and without returning that member’s membership fee or subscription or any part thereof.
  8. The Company shall have the right to refuse any member or applicant for membership entrance to the Club or any part of the Club at any time or prohibit the member from taking part in any particular game or games. Membership does not guarantee access to the Club. Except when access is refused by the Company, every member of the Club shall, subject to these Rules and upon payment of any charges fixed by the Company (which the Company may vary at its discretion), be entitled to use and enjoy the Club facilities, in common with the other members of the Club and their guests.

Membership Fees

  1. The Company may levy membership fees and any fees and subscriptions associated with membership. These fees and subscriptions shall be fixed by the Company from time to time. Without prejudice to the foregoing generality, the Company may charge an entrance fee for each visit a member makes to the Club. It shall be entirely within the Company’s discretion to raise, lower or waive any such fees and subscriptions.
  2. All membership fees, subscriptions and payments by members become the property of the Company. The Company shall be solely responsible for the provision of the Club facilities and shall have entire control of all financial matters connected with the Club. Members’ liability is limited to those payments to the Company provided for by these Rules.

Responsible Gaming

  1. All members who wish to self-exclude from the Club will be invited to do so under the scheme known as SENSE. By self-excluding, members agree to abide by the rules of the SENSE scheme thereafter. The Company will not be responsible for any loss suffered by an self-excluded individual who does not abide by the rules of the SENSE scheme.
  2. Members acknowledge that the Club is bound by strict anti-money laundering rules and regulations. If the Company requests information which it requires to comply with such rules and regulation, members must promptly and fully comply with such requests. Failure to do so may lead to membership being suspended. The Company reserves the right to carry out independent enquiry into any member for the purpose of anti-money laundering compliance, which may include the carrying out of credit checks. Members consent to the carrying out of all such enquiries and checks.
  3. The Company reserves the right not to pay any gaming debt in circumstances where it knows or reasonably suspects that a member has won money by way of cheating. For the purpose of this Rule ‘cheating’ includes any conduct which seeks to remove or reduce the element of chance and or seeks to give any advantage to any player. The Company shall have absolute discretion in deciding whether any activity amounts to cheating and also as to whether any such activity has in fact taken place.
  4. No credit shall be given, provided or facilitated to enable any person to take part in gaming.
  5. Members must exercise their own judgement when gaming and acknowledge that they have not relied on any statement or advice from the Company in deciding to place any bet.
  6. No member or guest may participate in gaming on the Club premises on behalf of any other person.
  7. No game of hazard or chance shall be played on the Club premises otherwise than in accordance with the law in force relating to that particular game or games.
  8. The Company may set the maximum and minimum stake for any game. This may vary from time to time.
  9. Members’ funds are not segregated from the other assets of the Company and are not protected in the event of insolvency.


  1. Any membership card or token issue to members will remain the sole property of the Company and is returnable on demand.
  2. Members should report any lost or stolen membership card to the Club as soon as possible after the loss is discovered.
  3. Members must present their membership card on the request of any member of the Club’s staff.
  4. Members’ guests must be registered at the Club’s reception and are admitted solely at the discretion of the Club.
  5. Membership is strictly non-transferrable and non-assignable and cannot be used or relied on by any person other than the member in question.
  6. No member shall give the address of the Club in any advertisement or use the Club address for personal, business or political purposes.
  7. All members must adhere to the Club dress code which requires all to be dressed smart/casual. Sporting colours and clothing bearing offensive messages is strictly prohibited and the Club reserves the right to refuse access to members wearing such items.
  8. Members must not remove or damage any property or other possessions belonging to the Company. The Company reserves the right to claim costs and damages in full from any member for any such removal or damage.
  9. If any cheque or other instrument given to the Club by a member or guest for the purpose of gaming is dishonoured, the Club reserves the right to apply any funds held on deposit for that member or guest as a payment on account of and against the said debt, at any time and without notice to the debtor. In the event that the application of such funds on deposit does not clear the said debt in its entirety, the Club will continue to seek payment of the full outstanding balance from the debtor.
  10. No member or guest will be permitted to play at the Club whilst any cheque or other instrument given to the Club by such member or guest for the purpose of gaming remains dishonoured, unless the member or guest plays with cleared funds and has the express permission of the management. The Club reserves the right to set any winnings arising out of such further play against the debt before any winnings are paid out to the member or guest.
  11. The Club is entitled to interest on any debt that is not settled at the end of the relevant gaming session or visit. Interest will be charged at the rate of statutory interest from time to time (being 8.5% per annum at the date of publication of these Rules) and is payable on demand.
  12. If a member or guest is winning against the Club when he or she cashes out at the end of a gaming session or visit, the Club reserves the right to redeem any of the member or guest’s cheques held by the Club before paying any winnings to the member or guest.
  13. Intoxicating liquor may only be sold or supplied or provided in the Club whilst the Club is open and prepared to receive members and only during the hours and within the conditions permitted by any Licence, Order or Certificate granted by the Licensing Board from time to time. Members must pay any account due from them before leaving the Club.
  14. The charges to be made for refreshments shall be fixed by the Company. No other food or drink is permitted in the Club premises.
  15. If a member or guest’s behaviour is deemed unacceptable as a result of becoming intoxicated on or off the premises or for any other reason, the Company may take any action it deems reasonable, including but not limited to, refusing entry, requesting the member and/or guest to leave the premises or withdrawing the member’s membership.
  16. The Company reserves the right to shut off any portion of the Club premises at any time, to exclude members therefrom and to close the Club from time to time as it may deem necessary.
  17. All property brought into the Club premises by any member or guest shall be at the sole risk of the person bringing such property onto the Club premises and neither the Company nor any employee of the Company shall be liable for any loss or damage to any such article, howsoever occasioned.
  18. Neither the Company nor any employee of the Company shall, under any circumstances, be responsible to members or guests for loss or damage to vehicles parked, collected or driven by staff of the Club, or loss of or damage to the contents or accessories of or in any such vehicle.
  19. The Club and Company exclude their liability to members to the maximum amount permitted by law. Should the Club or Company be found liable to any member, liability shall be limited to an amount equal to the membership fees and subscriptions paid by the member in the preceding month.
  20. All disputes will be dealt with by Club management and may be escalated in writing to the General Manager at the Club’s address or by email to:
    If the dispute remains unresolved then, as a member of the National Casino Forum, any of our members may escalate a gaming dispute to the Independent Panel for Casino & Bingo Arbitration to seek resolution, their guidelines and information can be found at The General Manager’s decision shall be final in respect of non-gaming disputes.
  21. The details of all Club members are kept on files administered by the Company and will be used for membership administration and provision of information to members and the relevant authorities and compliance by the Company with all relevant laws and regulations. The Club premises are covered by C.C.T.V. and audio surveillance. All data protection enquiries should be made in writing to the Data Controller at the Club’s address. Further information is available in the Club’s privacy policy.
  22. All notices posted by the Club to the last notified address of the member shall be considered as having been duly given and received on the seventh day following posting.
  23. The Company may, from time to time, revoke, alter or add to these Rules. Any such revocation, alteration or addition shall be deemed to have been brought to the attention of members on being displayed to members within the Club and/or on the Club’s website.
  24. If any of these Rules are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining Rules will remain in full force and effect.
  25. Unless expressly stated otherwise, these Rules shall not create any rights or any other benefits in favour of anyone other than the Club and each member.
  26. These Rules are governed by Scots Law.
  27. Nothing in these Rules shall prevent the Company from instituting legal proceedings in such jurisdiction as it sees fit and in those circumstances members and guests of members irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in question.


Last updated – November 2015